Carrara Marble Large Candle Black lid

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    This Luxury candle vessel is made of 100% natural Imported Italian Carrara marble, from the beautiful region of Carrara in Tuscany Italy. The elegance of the classic white Carrara marble is timeless. Each vessel comes with a lid of your choice that can be used as a coaster to place the candle on when lit. 

    Choose from the following scents:

    (for a more detailed description of scent please see our fragrances page)

    Rosa" - nothing but roses 

    "Akira" - Japanese honeysuckle and jasmine. 

    "Camilla" - white gardenia and frangipani

    "Carmen" - Pomegranate and clementine mimosa sangria

    "Felicia" - Fig, melon & French pear

    "St.Germain" - French pear, vanilla and coconut with a dash of cinnamon

    "Rita" - French pear, hollyberry cinnamon, and a dash of coconut

    "Jojo" - Coconut, lime and lashings of lemongrass

    "Lourdes" - Coconut, vanilla and a dash of lime

    "Lola" - Lemongrass lime and a hint of vanilla

    "Serina" - Sandalwood, Vanilla and hints of amber

    Cleopatra” - Egyptian Amber & Musk

    Jaqueline” - Egyptian Oudh, Peony & Vanilla

    “Samara” - Driftwood, Amber, Sandalwood

    Burn Time: Approx 40-50hrs

    Vessel Dimensions: 85mm Diameter x 100mm Height

    Wax quantity: Approx 210ml

    Stone votive weight: 820gms

    Marble type: Classic White Carrara marble sourced from Carrara, Italy

    Metal Lid: Electroplated Steel

    Marble Lid: Classic White Carrara marble sourced from Carrara, Italy. Can be used as a coaster to place the candle upon.

    Vessel Colour: This product is made of 100% Natural Carrara marble, The white Carrara marble's elegance is timeless, A rich Milky white with deep accents throughout. As a result of marbles unique nature
    , no two vessel's will be exactly the same. Marble is porous stone as we use a high percentage of scent discolouration of the vessel may sometimes occur.

    The stone is left unpolished for the desired natural appearance 

    Candle etiquette: To ensure even burning and scent distribution always keep your wick trimmed to 10mm (1/4inch)


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