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Our Amalfi Coast range features our limited edition 'Geo cut glass" vessel which is Produced by hand rather than machine; This ensures our Geometric Glass Range is stronger, safer and has greater heat resistance than others on the market. Our Amalfi range uses a ribbon wick. This wick is wider than a normal wick so it can create an even melt pool for larger vessels; Most vessels with a diameter of 8cm would usually need two large wicks to create an even melt pool, but this would shorten the burn time and create black smoke. By using a ribbon wick I am able to achieve longer burn timesbetter scent throw, and an even melt pool. All without creating any black smoke from using multiple large wicks.

 No candle is complete without a lid - they seal in the scent and improve your candle's shelf life and transportability. Our GEO Cut Glass range includes a classic french top lid! 

Choose from the following scents:

(for a more detailed description of scent please see our fragrances page)

Rosa" - nothing but roses 

"Akira" - Japanese honeysuckle and jasmine. 

"Camilla" - white gardenia and frangipani

"Carmen" - Pomegranate and clementine mimosa sangria

"Felicia" - Fig, melon & French pear

"St.Germain" - French pear, vanilla and coconut with a dash of cinnamon

"Rita" - French pear, hollyberry cinnamon, and a dash of coconut

"Jojo" - Coconut, lime and lashings of lemongrass

"Lourdes" - Coconut, vanilla and a dash of lime

"Lola" - Lemongrass lime and a hint of vanilla

"Serina" - Sandalwood, Vanilla and hints of amber

Cleopatra” - Egyptian Amber & Musk

Jaqueline” - Egyptian Oudh, Peony & Vanilla

“Samara” - Driftwood, Amber, Sandalwood


Burn time: Approx 55-65hrs

Vessel Dimensions: 80mm x 127mm

Wax quantity: Approx 230ml

Vessel weight: 500gm

Lid: French top glass lid

Vessel colour: White

Collections: Amalfi Coast

Category: christmas sale, geometric

Type: Unknown Type

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