Glamour Matte black Soy Candle Rose gold lid

E Lumiere

Notice the wick??? this wick means longer burn timesbetter scent throw, and an even melt pool.

Our Glamour range of soy candles have what we call a "true flame" wick, which is comprised of a normal cotton wick wrapped in a paper thin timber casing giving off a very subtle purring sound, This wick extends the power of the wick so we can use only one wick instead of two wicks, this means longer burn timesbetter scent throw, and an even melt pool. To create the container for this range our suppliers Utilise a hand mould production process rather than blown or machine automation - this ensures our glamour range is stronger, safer and has greater heat resistance.

Choose from the following scents:

(for a more detailed description of scent please see our fragrances page)

Rosa" - nothing but roses 

"Akira" - Japanese honeysuckle and jasmine. 

"Camilla" - white gardenia and frangipani

"Carmen" - Pomegranate and clementine mimosa sangria

"Felicia" - Fig, melon & French pear

"St.Germain" - French pear, vanilla and coconut with a dash of cinnamon

"Rita" - French pear, hollyberry cinnamon, and a dash of coconut

"Jojo" - Coconut, lime and lashings of lemongrass

"Lourdes" - Coconut, vanilla and a dash of lime

"Lola" - Lemongrass lime and a hint of vanilla

"Serina" - Sandalwood, Vanilla and hints of amber

Cleopatra” - Egyptian Amber & Musk

Jaqueline” - Egyptian Oudh, Peony & Vanilla

“Samara” - Driftwood, Amber, Sandalwood


Burn time: Approx 70-80hrs

Vessel Dimensions: 87mm x 100mm

Wax quantity: Approx 400ml

Vessel weight: 500gm

Lid: Electroplated plastic

Vessel colour: Matte black finish

Candle etiquette: To ensure even burning and scent distribution always keep your wick trimmed to 10mm (1/4inch)

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Type: Soy Candles

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